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I'm new to this whole "website" ownership thing.  Until now, I've been a Facebooker.  Facebook served my needs for a long time but it's time to move on. We all have to grow up someday and today's the day. So here we are.


I didn't mean for this to be like an awkward 1st date but it is.  Hi.  I'm Anthony.  My likes are photography, playing guitar, performing improv comedy, and getting lost in the moment.  My dislikes are over crowded trains, warm pizza, unambitious people, and flat soda.


If you are still reading this, then I think it's safe to say this "date" is going well. At this point in the "date," I would ask for your likes and dislikes but since this is a blog post, I can't hear you as you speak ever so gently toward your computer screen.  If you feel compelled to do so, email me your likes and dislikes.  I don't mind getting to know new people and I'd like to think I'm a good listener.  Improv helps with listening.


This page is my first attempt to display some of my work on the inter webs after finally breaking away from the Facebook teet I suckled on for so long. I hope you find something you like or at the very least, find something that makes those crazy synapses in your head fire off.  This is all an experiment and there is no such thing as failure only feedback. Please feel free to email me with any feedback you might have.  


Hopefully, we can have a second "date" and get to know each other a little better. 








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